Mustafa Colonel on dealing with toxic girlfriend & battling depression after Nairobi Diaries experience

So, Mustafa Colonel has plans on getting back to the music scene years after he took a break from making music. However what we didn’t know is that he needed time off to focus on his mental health which he says has never been the same since Nairobi Diaries.

Well looking back, I’d also wonder why he opted to join the socialite show knowing very well – his age….mmmh his age didn’t allow him to waste his time like that. But anyway, good thing is that he finally found himself and now has an album he hopes to release soon.

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Anyway speaking during recent TV interview on the Trend, Mustafa Colonel for the first time opened up to mention the reason he disappeared from the industry is because he was depressed.

Battling depression

From what Mustafa Colonel is that depression put him down to a point he could no longer get creative – which explains why he hasn’t dropped any projects in a while.

It’s been five years since I released music. Now I am back. I had depression at some point, like two or three years after I left ‘Nairobi Diaries’ and things went bad.

He went on to add that due the reality show – his life stopped moving forward – and his own friends even stopped supporting him.


I was not in peace and it got to a point I realised it was dragging me behind and my friends were no longer supporting me

Dealing with toxic girlfriend

Not to forget – the singer/rapper also opened up about his relationship with Noti Flow revealing that she was a toxic woman full of violence.

According to Mustafa, this same girlfriend allegedly stole his social media page (Instagram) making it “Noti Flow fan page.”

 She stole my Instagram account. Nililog in kwa simu yake, at that time I had lost my phone for like 2 to 3 weeks, so she wanted to post something aka change email address and everything so akaanza kupost vitu zengine zenye hazinihusu so nikaona hapa tu nikuchorea.


She did not return the account, she took it, she changed it to her fan page so I had to find another one.

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