Mustafa Reveals How He’s Going To Use The Millions Donated To Him

Legendary musician Mustafa is over the moon after a couple of celebrities came to his rescue after his viral video doing ‘mjengo’ (manual work) touched the hearts of netizens.

In the video, Mustafa looks like a mess; comparing him to his famous days. According to the rapper, most of his money went to his mum’s chemotherapy as she’s been suffering from cancer.

Either way, well wishers came to the rescue, and have raised over Ksh 1 Million for the rapper.

CAS Jaguar and his close friends fundraised en masse almost Sh1 million for him.

Speaking while handing over the money, CAS Charles Njagua aka Jaguar, told that Mustafa is an old friend.

He told that close to 15 friends got together after hearing about his plight.

“Tumepanga kumpeleka kwa mamake on Tuesday…hawajawahi tutusi, hajawahi kutufanyia madharau kwa hivyo ni mtu kama familia yangu”

Kenyans of goodwill have also contributed over Sh600k after Twitter bigwig Fauz Khalid appealed to KOT.

How He Will Spend The Money

Mustafa has now opened up on how he’s going to spend the money, adding that he already has Big Ted to help him invest the money. He continues to state that whatever amount of money he receives, 50% of it goes to his mum.

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