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Mwalimu Racheal forced to deny that she’s exploiting Wamlambez singers

September 30, 2019 at 08:29
Mwalimu Racheal forced to deny that she's exploiting Wamlambez singers

NRG Radio presenter Mwalimu Racheal has been accused of exploiting new music group Sailors Gang.

The concerns have come about because the musicians have been uploading their music on Mwalimu Rachel’s channel and not their own YouTube Channel for a long time now and a certain man going by the name Its Bravin claims they were threatened not to leave and start their own.

“Waangwana, Niko na File Ya Sailors and I will be dropping it Hot. Hao vijana wanaumia sana. They are being exploited and it’s not even funny anymore.

To begin with, the group can’t open their own YouTube channel because they have been threatened. That’s per my source which at the moment, I will go by anonymous.

Sailors Have no binding Contract with LE MWALIMU and she swore to Sabotage them if at all they started their own YouTube Channel. So now you understand what #Sailors don’t have a YouTube Channel. Whatever excuse is given, it’s a cover-up. Tell them to show you a contract. Hakuna!

#Sailors are always booked every weekend but the problem here is that they can’t even afford Clothes for a photoshoot. They do so much but they are exploited heavily,” reads a number of tweets from @ItsBravin.” he claimed.


In response, Mwalimu said that they’ll stay focused despite what people are saying.

“We sail on…@sailors254 our focus is razor-sharp and they can’t understand nor stand it.”



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