Mwalimu Rachel breaks down in tears while narrating nasty fall out with Sailors (Video)

Renowned media personality Mwalimu Rachel couldn’t hold back her tears while explaining to Jalang’o how she had helped Sailors Gang grow and how they had chosen to stab her in the back.

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The NRG Radio presenter, who is currently embroiled in a war of words with the Wamlambez hitmakers, revealed that she was first approached by Shalkido who later introduced her to the other members of the group.

Sailors Gang

They then informed her that they had recorded a song dubbed Wamlambez and needed her help popularizing it on radio as well as YouTube. Fortunately, she agreed to help them.

Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors Gang enjoyed a good working relationship and trouble started sometime last year when Miracle Baby met representatives of Black Market Records and signed a deal with them on behalf of the group.

She revealed that the record label promised them many things like paying their rent, giving them money and other good things when they signed a deal with them. However, she was in the dark about all this.

Mwalimu Rachel

“Without my knowledge, Miracle Baby met them and signed a deal. I did not know about it until someone from the label came up to me and told me that it was a done deal,” she explained.

Mwalimu Rachel disclosed that she was really hurt because she had put a her heart and soul into building the group from the ground.

“I was being abused every time when someone felt like they did not like the progress that Sailors was making, they were attacking me not the group. As a human being and a mother, how was I supposed to take it,” she explained amidst tears.

Watch the video below.

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