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Mwalimu Rachel Hits Back At Sailors Gang For Alleged Ksh15 Million Theft (Video)

May 19, 2022 at 22:41
Mwalimu Rachel Hits Back At Sailors Gang For Alleged Ksh15 Million Theft (Video)

Ex-sailors gang manager Mwalimu Rachel has decried the allegations of stealing Ksh 15 Million monthly from the popular musical group. Rachel and sailors once had a palpable relationship between them. But things got ugly after Sailors started accusing Mwalimu of blocking them access to their YouTube among other goodies.

After parting ways, Sailors Gang went on a silent spree that led to speculations they were also splitting up. A good example was Lexxy Yung, who decided to go the gospel route. Gengetone music also started to diminish tremendously and some like Miracle Baby opted to take on Mugithi. Each one of them is now making ends meet in different ways.

One of their members Qoqosjuma believes they wouldn’t be struggling if their money wasn’t being stolen from them. He alleges Mwalimu Rachel stole a lot from them.

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Mwalimu Rachel Responds

Mwalimu Rachel’s response was imminent as the allegations made against her were paramount. She took to her YouTube to address the issue, claiming that it’s all a hoax and the story doesn’t make sense.

” And if at all there’s any evidence, please produce it. Si mnasema mlionyeshwa izi records?… Show me. But what I will not do is be quiet while you lie on my brand, on my name, on my intergrity…”

She continued to blame Sailors Gang for their own downfall;

”You walked away. I never walked away. Sailors, you sailed on without me. And you thought you’re going to better waters. Mkapata shida kule, and now you’re regretting it. Accept that’s what you brought to yourselves.”

Watch Mwalimu Rachel’s full video below;


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