Mwalimu Rachel: Sailors have no one to blame but themselves

Image: Thee Mwalimu Rachel

Sailors played themselves in their situation with Mwalimu Rachel. The first time we heard about a falling out between this manager and artist duo, it was when she was accused of pulling down their video and holding them hostage aswell as her tirades against the Sailors members friends.

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The reports didn’t bode well for a sustainable professional relationship and even the manner in which damage control was handled showed an aloofness to criticism as well as a superiority complex. That said, sailors had to face whatever issues they were being shown on a constant basis so they should have known to expect it to continue. The one incident that comes to mind that lets me know these young men chose to ignore the red flags is when they had a video shoot after a funeral for a childhood friend.


Sometimes, as these things go, the funeral ran late and they were subsequently late for their video shoot. Mwalimu Rachel is said to have attacked one of the young men she found with the Sailors young men. That is not a normal reaction for a manager to have over her trustees. That is not even normal behaviour for a woman to have with her children. Why Sailors didn’t think they would be affected is beyond me. They should have known that people who are capable of squeezing your friend’s testes are capable of squeezing yours too.

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Now we find ourselves at the point where they should have handled a long time ago: setting up their own YouTube account. They kicked the can down the road one too many times and they are now at the point where they are essentially re-inventing themselves without necessarily having a plan.

Sailors Gang

They sunk all their efforts into growing Mwalimu Rachel’s YouTube account because lord knows it was stunted prior to Sailors putting their content on it but there is a silver lining. Depending on who owns the masters to the music, they should report her channel for copyright infringement and have the channel either taken down or their content taken off the channel. This ofcourse is in lieu of her dropping the one point five million shillings she claims Sailors owe for her managerial services.

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Yes, things got so bad to the point Mwalimu Rachel is now calling to collect on the monies she claims Sailors owe her for the managerial services she provided and perhaps this is the point at which Sailors should take an L, relinquish their claim to the musical content on her channel in exchange of their freedom. And again, they have no one to blame but themselves. You see, this is where mentorship is important. The reason for that is because a mentor who has been in the game for longer could have seen the pitfalls of the toxic relationship between the artists and their management and warned them to end the dalliance.

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KRG da Don could have been that for Sailors. They shafted themselves when they insulted an OG who could have guided them. But the silver lining is that they are still young and they can still rebuild their career.


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