Mwana FA reveals how he beat Coronavirus after testing positive 8 times!

After fans started questioning about Mwana FA’s where abouts; the Bongo singer surfaced yesterday to reveal that he was doing fine and is now coronavirus free!

According to Mwana FA who had an interview on Clouds FM, he went on to reveal that it took him 28 days in isolation for him to recover!

The singer went on to add that things got worse for him after he forced to take several Coronavirus tests; and unfortunately it took him 8 tests for him to test negative.

Mwana FA hospitalized

Speaking to Clouds, Mwana FA went on to add that a test was only carried after 72 hours, which forced him to stay longer in isolation.

Nimekaa siku 28 kwenye isolation, nimepimwa mara 8 hadi kupatikana negative, mara zote nilizopimwa nilikuwa napatikana positive na ukipatikana positive wanakaa masaa 72 hadi kukupima tena! Naweza kusema ni kama huyu mdudu alining’ang’ania.

Fully recovered!

However through it all, Mwana FA has finally recovered and is now back to living his normal life! Just recently he was caught on Camera dinning with some of his friends.

Anyway while responding to a question posed by one of the Cloud FM’s presenter, Mwana FA  confirmed that he was now better. He went on to speak saying;

Mwana FA

Nimepona kwa sasa, tena baada ya kupima mara 8, hata ukiniuliza nimefanya mbinu gani hata sijui, kila kitu nilichokuwa naambiwa kwamba kitasaidia nafanya, jifukize kupitia karafuu, tangawizi na limao kwenye maji, nijifukize kwa dk 15 mara tatu 3 kwa siku nafanya, au kuna dawa ya antibiotic nakunywa.

Mwana FA missing

This comes barely 24 hours after fans and a few friends came out questioning where Mwana FA had disappeared to; shortlists after announcing his Coronavirus results on social media.

He is however not the only one who has been maintaining his silence after getting out of Isolation. So far, Diamond Platnumz manager Sallam SK has also been on the low; but the good thing is that he made it out alive despite the complications!


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