Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Gidi Gidi give Dennis Itumbi a dressing-down over shocking IEBC voter registration anomaly

IEBC announced that voters could verify their registration details by sending their ID number to 70000. Kenyans tried sending random numbers like 0, 3 etc and they were shocked to find that those numbers had been registered.

There was uproar on social media on Thursday June 29th after netizens discovered shocking anomalies in IEBC voter registration. Kenyans shared screenshots of the results they got after sending random single or two digit numbers to 70000.

IEBC rectified the anomaly as claims of rigging started amounting on social media. Jubilee blogger Dennis Itumbi sent random number to 70000 later after IEBC had rectified the error, his intention was to discredit the anomaly ever existed.

“Checking basic Facts and calling out the liars. Just sent 0 to the IEBC Verification portal. ..the response attached,” Dennis Itumbi posted on IG.

His post drew criticisms from IG users who blasted him for blind loyalty and defending what had been proved to be true. K24 anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Radio Jambo presenter Gidi Gidi also gave Itumbi a dressing-down.

“No Itumbi they just brought it down I myself thought it was a hoax then sent the sms with 0 then 66 then 11 and got the sms with voters names polling station etc I can forward them to u..So kindly we are not just lying or spreading rumours as u claim bt geniune concerns.IEBC and the government should now address the issues raised by kenyans to avoid doubt or politicians using this as ammunition to discredit the whole process..Good PR also includes accepting there was a challenge but plans or processes are underway to sort it out.Dont take. Dont take the trust and faith that Kenyans have for granted one day itaisha so pls can IEBC clean the register as promised retain their credibility and trust of Kenyans that they can deliver fair elections Its nt abt Jubilee or Nasa or independent issues this is abt KENYA and whoever wins the election let it be seen by all Kenyans that he won fairly…” Mwanaisha Chidzuga wrote.

“It doesn’t help to lie Itumbi let IEBC accept the mistakes n correct it. We all love this country and it doesn’t argue well when u or jubilee as one of the players in the elections is always seen as the only side supporting IEBC even when they do something wrong,” wrote Gidi Gidi.


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