‘Mwanaume Sio Jasho’- Tanasha Donna

Image: Tbt: Tanasha with alleged wash wash friends

Tanasha Donna is an undisputed hottie who’s hot enough for anyone to date. She’s not just a socialite, but a musician who has caught everyone’s eyes. The fact that she’s among the hottest Kenyan socialites makes her stand out among the rest. We have to admit that her curvy physique & impeccable beauty is one everyone would admire. For this reason, Tanasha has received numerous DM’s, including me????.

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Tanasha On Hygiene

Anyway, Tanasha recently admonished men to consider hygiene; going after women who claim that ‘mwanaume ni jasho’. To be honest, this should not be a direct translation as most men actually have take personal hygiene seriously.

Taking to her Instagram, Tanasha wrote;

”I don’t wanna hear mwanaume ni jasho, that’s ????. Hygiene is important.”

She went further to create a video advising men to consider cleanliness; reiterating it’s importance. It’s not clear whom the exquisite socialite was addressing; but what we know is that her previous boyfriend is Diamond Platnumz. Maybe he went against his ‘Wasafi’ (clean) slogan and made Tanasha angry over the same. But who am I to judge anyway?

Truth is, Tanasha’s looks & everything says it all- anyone would salivate for her. Currently, she doubles up as Diamond Platnumz’s baby mama. And she hasn’t introduced anyone else just yet. I bet she’s currently single & searching. Diamond is definitely regretting dumping the hottie.

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