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‘My Answered Prayer’-Carrol Sonie Gushes Over New Boyfriend (Photos)

August 08, 2022 at 09:24
'My Answered Prayer'-Carrol Sonie Gushes Over New Boyfriend (Photos)

Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie has yet again been swept off her feet by her lover, whom she has dearly gushed over for being her ‘answered prayer’. The damsel had to undergo an impetuous heartbreak that left her in the lurch considering she had just given birth to a daughter in tandem with Mulamwah.

Sonie went ahead to post on her Instagram a sneak peak of her new lover, where she meticulously hid his face. She shared a short clip alongside him, flaunting how they were all over each other.

She captioned one of them;

”My answered prayer”

She continued to post a photo of them sharing a cozy hug and wrote;

”Can’t get enough of this🥺😭♥️”
”Blessing from above”
For the past 3 days, Carrol has been sharing heartfelt messages on how she has fallen head over heels with her new man. And she’s not ready to show his face? Well, she believes the fella might be snatched from her anytime- so she’d rather keep his face under wraps. But eventually, I bet she’ll share their full photos together.


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