“My heart belongs to one man only!” Lilian Muli denies chasing men on social media

Image: Lilian Muli with her community husband, Jared Nevaton

Lilian Muli was reported to be an Alpha female, meaning she is the one who chases after her men and not vice versa like what we are used to!

With such stories going round, one can imagine how excited most men following her were. As seen on a new post shared on her page; Lilian says her DM has over flowing messages from people looking to be chased.

Yes, no man wanted to miss out on an opportunity where Lilian Muli can chase them! According to the lady, she has since been receiving messages from single men but truth is the rumor was untrue.

Celebrated TV personality, Lilian Muli

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Im taken

According to Lilian Muli, she is taken and her heart only belongs to one man! Through her Instagram page, she went on to post saying;

Ati I chase men??? Lol wait for me to chase you. I’m here chasing my vision and these stories just crack me up

Lilian Muli

On another post, the lass went on to say;

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Now see what you have done lol…the amount of DM’s I am getting now one would imagine this is a dating app. Honestly don’t believe everything you hear. I am taken my heart belongs to one man only. I am not chasing or looking. Only man I’m chasing is Jesus. Happy Friday my loves!

Ms Muli

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