‘My Mum Is My Number One Supporter, She Buys Me Dresses’-Popular Cross-Dresser Kelvin Kinuthia

Popular tik-toker Kelvin Kinuthia has been on the limelight for his impeccable skills in cross-dressing. The 20 year old is not your ordinary kind of cross-dresser; as he conglomerates make-up and ladies wear better than your girlfriend! Because of this reason, speculations have piled up on him being a member of the LGBTQ community.

He however, reprimanded netizens for assuming his sexuality and tarnishing his name; maintaining that it’s only him who can come clean on his sexuality.

”I want people to stop assuming my sexuality.

There is no one I have talked to about my sexuality, no one knows, so let it stay that way. Then there’s this one thing when you shoot a video with someone all of a sudden you are dating them, people should stop insinuating and wait for people to speak,” said Kinuthia.

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Kinuthia’s Fans

There’s no doubt Kinuthia has haters who think he’s going overboard with all the cross-dressing yet he’s a man. The big question is, how does his family members react to his actions? You’ll be suprised that despite all the hatred and badmouthing, Kinuthia’s mum is actually his number 1 supporter! As a matter of fact, she buys her dresses.

He disclosed the intriguing details via a recent interview on Radio Maisha; adding that other family members are also comfortable with his cross-dressing.

Watch his full interview below;

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