“My pregnancy hormones didn’t like him” Avril on why he blocked ‘noisy’ Shaffie Weru 

Well, there’s a popular saying in Swahili that goes like “Mimba ilimkata” which roughly translates to a pregnant woman disliking someone because of nothing at all. Just hormones pushing her into the act.

That’s what happened between singer Avril and radio host Shaffie Weru. A pregnant Avril blocked the popular radio host on instagram without a specific reason.

Missed him

In her recent visit to Kiss FM to launch her new song, Shaffie asked her why she did and Avril confessed that it was just her hormones.

“It was my pregnancy hormones.” she told him. 

Having blocked him for several months, Avril confessed that she later missed him on her timeline.

“You are the only female celebrity i follow so not seeing you for one year 3 months was hard for me,” she added. 

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