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“My wife labored for 36 hours” Kymo of ‘Thitima’ hit song narrates horrifying ordeal 

July 17, 2018 at 10:53
"My wife labored for 36 hours" Kymo of 'Thitima' hit song narrates horrifying ordeal 

William Kamore alias Kymo of the dynamic gospel duo Stigah and Kymo recently became a father. The experience was however horrifying for the gospel rapper whose wife labored for 36 long hours.

Kymo was traumatized by his wife’s prolonged labor, he feared he could lose his wife and their child. The rapper reveals that he stood by his wife for the 36 hours until she finally delivered.

“To me, being a father has given me the best experience I have ever had. Despite my wife labouring for a very long time, about 36 hours, I was right there unlike many men who would run away if such a thing happened to them,”Kymo told Word Is.

Kymo and his wife

Kymo and his wife

Tears of joy

Kymo says he cried tears of joy when his wife finally gave birth safely. He stresses that the horrifying experience will never fade from his memory as long as he lives.

“She finally made it and when I saw our baby, tears just came out of my eyes. Getting the name also was not easy for us. It was an experience I will never forget. Until now when I wake up each day, I look at the baby and just thank God.”




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