Nadia Mukami deep in baby daddy drama after breakup with Arrow bwoy

Singer Nadia Mukami has been making her breakup with baby daddy Arrow Bwoy abit too obvious and thanks to her latest stunt….we now believe she doesn’t care whether the media is diacussing her personal life or not….but clearly mama Akeem is mad.

Well, about a week ago Nadia Mukami announced she was now on her own after parting ways with Arrow bwoy who is the father of her first child; and although this came as a surprise to her fans – Nadia still chose to keep her reason for the breakup as secret as possible.

However judging from how she has been acting online i.e deleted Arrow Bwoys name from son’s bio – means Arrowbwoy either cheated or hasn’t been a supportive baby daddy…..but then again, you also have to realized she just opened a nail bar, so what are the chances.

Deletes Arrow Bwoy name from son’s bio

Well one thing I know about angry women is that if you are not beneficial in their lives in any way, they will cut you off like you never knew you from day one. And having Arrowbwoy pushed on the side by Nadia not forgetting cutting him off from their son’s page says alot.

Nadia Mukami

But again, by the time Nadia calms down I’m pretty sure she would have hinted once or twice about what happened to her relationship with Arrowbwoy; but nikama we already suspect alinaswa….but si ni life?

Arrowbwoy on the other hand maintains his silence maybe to avoid having his business aired out to the world….the moment he tries to explain his situation

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