Nadia Mukami Flaunts Grown Baby Bump In Big Reveal Event (Video)

Award winning musician Nadia Mukami has finally unveilled her grown baby bump. The singer, who had severally refuted claims of being pregnant for Arrow Bwoy, has now proved that the piling speculations about her being pregnant were actually true.

At one time, Arrow Bwoy and Nadia locked horns with Jalang’o for disclosing their pregnancy way too soon. Either way, the big reveal was planned for today on International Women’s Day as Mukami launched her newly formed Foundation in tandem with her pregnancy. A video shows the two lovebirds alighting from their car with Nadia in a wedding-like dress. Her conspicuous baby bump amazed the paparazzi who were all over them.

Nadia Mukami could be heard apologizing to them for wearing sandals to the event.

” I had to wear slippers guys. Please understand. I had to wear slippers for obvious reasons, as you guys can see.”

Pregnant Nadia Mukami & Arrow Bwoy- photo-courtesy

It’s a big joy for Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy fans; especially after Nadia disclosed that she miscarried her baby last year. This she disclosed after fans were in support of Jalang’o telling her to stop hiding her pregnancy.

The answer is simple for as long as that Celebrity likes!! Nani mwingine akona Swali ???!!! I lost a child and grieved in private last year I didn’t make it anyone’s business!! Anyone in question of my pregnancy, Leave me the Fuck alone!!!!!,” said Nadia Mukami.

The singer is yet to disclose how many months her pregnancy is; we’re also yet to fathom the gender of the unborn babe. Watch Nadia Mukami’s baby bump video below;

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