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Nadia Mukami has neutered Arrow Bwoy

November 22, 2021 at 10:52
Nadia Mukami has neutered Arrow Bwoy

Nadia Mukami has effectively made her man, Arrow Bwoy a eunuch and I guess they are happy with the situation… Or at least Nadia Mukami is because he has been complaining that he has not gotten to enjoy her company in an intimate fashion for over 6 months.

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When I first read his claims, I laughed. Actually, I was beside myself with laughter. Why would a perfectly normal young man who happens to have tons of social proof seeing as he is a celebrity, choose to willingly become an incel? And not, that is not an ironic question, he has actually agreed to make himself an involuntary celibate because he is complaining about that state of affairs.

Also, why the H-E-double-hockey-sticks would Arrow Bwoy share such a shameful aspect of his relationship with Nadia Mukami publicly? It’s maddening enough to have female celebs share their nonsense on social media but when men too begin to overshare, you have to question their intelligence or their testosterone levels and seeing as Mr Bwoy is jacked…

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Then again, perhaps it is a testament to just the type of mettle Nadia has if she can successfully keep this guy completely enthralled by her even though she has subjected him to 6-months of a Sahara dry dryspell. Or perhaps, just bear with me, someone is fooling the other and if he is not the boob, and she is not the fool, then we the adoring public are.

I say this because I do not believe that any man who has the magnitude of options that present themselves to both superstars would have the willpower to routinely turn down opportunities to stray day-in and day-out. Something’s got to give.

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Or maybe I am just allowing my cynicism to run amok and Arrow Bwoy is not in any females DMs nor is he routinely out and about town cruising for some spring chicken to help him wind down after his shows.

maybe Nadia Mukami has indeed found the answer as to how to keep a man with six-pack abs and glistening muscles to trade in his sensual imperative for a humdrum existence that forces him to either go full-on monk or resort to his hand for release. Doubtful.

But let us say that is the case, it would explain why a man like Arrow would be comfortable revealing to us that he has been forced on a 6-month erotic sabbatical. And maybe as a result we are about to get the awesome music of a late twenties RnB crooner who is frustrated due to all his pent-up energy. Simply put, we are in for some daggering bangers.

Celebrity artiste, Arrow Bwoy

Still, it beggars belief that a man in his prime such as Bwoy would be willing to sacrifice his imperative. He should be thinking about enjoying himself and gaining experience with the ladies even as he focuses on building himself up and continuing to give us bangers. Maybe we should look into what is in the water he drinks because he has effectively been neutered. That portion called love is not a joke.

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