Nadia Mukami has set the pace for other Kenyan female artists

Image: Nadia Mukami

When it comes to Kenyan music, I think Nadia Mukami is possibly one of the finest artists that we’ve ever seen, she is exceptional in every sense and I’m not exaggerating.

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Although she is barely even 5 years old in the industry, she has gotten to great heights and I would even dare say that she is the biggest female artist at the moment. Isn’t that a fact though?

Nadia Mukami

She is a great vocalist. For a long time I used to think Sanaipei Tande had a beautiful voice but then I came to know about Nadia Mukami and I changed my mind. She sounds so heavenly. I actually listen to her songs on repeat.

I also think that this lady is so hardworking. Actually she is. She keeps pushing herself and one day she might just be one of the finest African acts.

If I was her part management I would advice her not to slow down because there is no better recipe to being a great African act than constantly pushing yourself, something we’ve learnt from Diamond Platnumz.

Nadia Mukami

What people don’t know is that Nadia Mukami has the potential of becoming as great as Angelique Kidjo who might be a big comparison but I’m sure that she will get there.

Apart from the fact that she is really talented, one of the things that I love bout her is that she has managed to avoid scandals and this means that she can attract brands to work with her and whatnot.

If at all there’s a Kenyan female artist who has a high chance of bagging a Grammy, I believe it’s Nadia Mukami. I’m sure naysayers don’t believe it’s possible and I can’t wait to to tell them, “I told you so.”

Watch her latest jam with Marioo dubbed Jipe below and tell us what you think.

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