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The Nadia Mukami love story will need alot of work

May 06, 2021 at 12:02
The Nadia Mukami love story will need alot of work

Nadia Mukami recently revealed her significant other and the internets went wild for one main reason that most will not admit for fear of being called out for not being politically correct: he is a Kenyan Indian.

It blew my mind because I never would have pictured her to be a swirler. I would have thought her to be more of a girl who goes for the “You Guy My Guy” trope but I was really surprised to see just how wrong I am. She’s gone Bollywood.

Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami revealed she is in a relationship

But if we are telling the truth, then we have to accept the reason why this is such a shock to many is that it doesn’t look like the type of relationship that will have a “happily ever after” simply because of two reasons:

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#1. She is a celebrity

#2. Kenyan Indians frown upon their members marrying locals

Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami in swimwear

The fact that she is a celebrity is a complex one. You see, she is of high social status than her partner and for a lot of men this ends up becoming an issue because of women’s hypergamous nature. And by definition of her situation, she has access to a lot of high value and high net worth men. Some of them would be willing to simp for her while most would just like a tumble with her.

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As such, Nadia Mukami would constantly be triggered to try and branch swing to a better option.

Nadia Mukami

Nadia Mukami posing at a photoshoot

Besides this, the fact that she is a celebrity means that her fans and haters can make her relationship hell on Earth for her and her partner. She should have kept her affair private until it became more permanent. By that, I mean that the people who mattered know who she is dating and it is none of our business. Why then did she decide to tell the world that she is dating?

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While she can handle the pressure of scrutiny, is she sure her beau can? What happens when people find him online and start harassing him? Her decision to reveal him was a blunder if you ask me.

Nadia Mukami

Kenyan popstar, Nadia Mukami

And now for the second reason:

Kenyan Indians aren’t known for their racial integration. It is a simple statement of fact. As such, she is facing an uphill task to ensure his family accepts him. And while I do not know his family dynamic, I highly doubt that it is a nuclear setting because Indians are known to live as one large collective family consisting of uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces.

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And once Nadia Mukami is accepted by his family at large, what about their community? What will they say? And that is even before we begin to wonder about the question of how complicated life could get if they do end up tying the knot. And while I wish her all the best with her journey in life and love, I just hope she is awake to the reality that hers is a complex scenario.

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