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Nadia Mukami Opens Up On Her Struggles Of Being A First Time Mum (Screenshot)

August 18, 2022 at 16:11
Nadia Mukami Opens Up On Her Struggles Of Being A First Time Mum (Screenshot)

African popstar Nadia Mukami has opened up on the struggles she has had to endure while being a first time mum after siring her first son monikered Haseeb Kai.

Celebrity couple Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy became the newest parents in town after welcoming their baby Haseeb Kai on Thursday 24/3/2022.

In an Instagram post, Nadia ushered her child to the world, “Welcome to the world Haseeb Kai @haseebkai 24/3/2022.’

Hours after the announcement, the young one had generated more than 4k followers on Instagram.

Nadia’s Parenthood Struggles

Nadia Mukami had lost her first child last year after suffering a miscarriage that left her in sombre. She didn’t make the announcement public until her 2nd pregnancy.

This time, the mother of one has shared about struggles she has underwent as a first time mum

”I really struggled with the whole new mummy thing! Bruh! I am a very strong woman but I really did get overwhelmed. I tried to try tell anyone how hard that shift was the story was; why are you acting weak, you are not the first one, you are being emotional, work overwhelmed me the most! I felt like no one understood me at allll. I just ask God for strength and guidance!!!”

Nadia Mukami has been on a parenting spree that has kept her busy.  She’s recently not producing as much music as previous.


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