Naiboi: I paid other celebs zero shillings to appear in my video

Singer Naiboi has come out to reveal that he didn’t spend much when shooting the new video for his viral song 2in1. 

According to Naiboi who also owns Pacho Records, he didn’t have a budget for his new song. Most of the clips in the video were done with phones and sent via email and WhatsApp. He also didn’t pay a shilling for the editing unlike other music videos.

“There was no budget. Most of the videos were sent to me via phone or email, and even for the editor, I just bought him lunch. I would say it was a zero budget song.” he said.


The video has gone on to impress Kenyans and is currently doing so well on YouTube. In a week, it’s approaching 300K views. Naiboi said that creativity always plays a huge factor in music.

The video has celebrities such as Nyashinksi, Bigpin, Eric Omondi, radio presenters Cate and Shaffie making a cameo.

“I respect those artistes who put up a budget on making a video because I do the same. But they should not forget that creativity comes a long way eventually,” he said. 

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