Nairobi Battered By Heavy Rains, Floods Cause Evacuations & Travel Disruptions

Heavy rains lashed Nairobi and surrounding areas on Saturday night, causing widespread flooding and prompting evacuations in some neighborhoods.

  • City Streets Submerged: The downpour left much of Nairobi underwater, with major roads like Namanga Road in Kitengela overflowing. Social media footage showed vehicles submerged and a bus precariously listing before tipping over.
  • Flooding Reaches Homes: Floodwaters inundated residential areas, including the affluent Kilimani neighborhood. Elite Court along Ole Dume Road was particularly hard-hit, with residents forced to evacuate on Sunday morning.
  • Fallen Trees Block Access: Fallen trees compounded the chaos, creating additional obstacles for motorists.

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  • Continued Rains Expected: Forecasts from the Kenya Meteorological Department predict the wet weather will persist in the coming days.
  • Safety Measures Urged: Residents are urged to stay alert and move to higher ground if necessary.
  • Travel Warnings Issued: The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has issued warnings of severe flooding on specific roads, including Raila Odinga Road, Langata Road near Wilson Airport, and Links Road-Nyali in Mombasa County. Drivers are advised to proceed with caution or avoid these areas entirely until floodwaters recede.

These relentless rains highlight Nairobi’s ongoing struggle with inadequate drainage systems, which repeatedly lead to flooding during heavy downpours.

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