Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dorah makes major money moves in Nigeria

Nairobi Diaries is still in a break, season 9 will air later in the year. Meanwhile Nairobi Diaries’ cast member Mishi Dorah is minting money in Nigeria.

The actress took advantage of Nairobi Diaries’ break to secure herself a major role in a Nollywood movie. She recently posted photos of herself during the shoot.

Romantic movie

Mishi Dorah is the lead actress in the Nollywood movie ‘Naked Covenant’. The movie revolves around Mishi and Chris Okorondu’s love story.

This lovey-dovey epic movie takes us into the world of two lovers Dubem(Chris Okorondu) and Ifunanya (Mishi Dora) and the challenges and tribulations they faced in their journey of love. When two people are meant to be together in love, nothing on earth can stop it. True love is stronger than money. [sic]



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