Nairobi Diaries petite actress Aliiptisam shockingly beats up Noti Flow after an argument (video)

Nairobi Diaries Aliiptisam has been bullied by the bigger girls in the show; but seems to have changed.

In a new episode set to air tonight, fans get to witness a new side of the Arabian lady we never knew existed!

Judging from a video shared online, Noti Flow and Aliiptisam are seen arguing over Mustafa aka uncle Muss. Since Noti is the one arguing and throwing vulgar words around, this looked like she had the upper hand.

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Aliiptisam fights Noti Flow

However, in new scene the two ladies are seen head to head fighting each other. Surprisingly Aliiptisam over powers Noti Flow throwing her to the ground and what followed was totally ugly.

The video clip shared by most of the Nairobi Diaries cast indicates that things are about to change. Pendo on the other hand publicly supports Aliiptism to beat up Noti Flow and it’s understandable since the two ladies have always had bad blood.

Check out the video below.

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