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Nairobi Diaries star denies sleeping with ‘Uncle Muss’, but is she being sincere?

July 19, 2017 at 15:42
Nairobi Diaries star denies sleeping with 'Uncle Muss', but is she being sincere?

This is not the first time Noti Flow has come out to deny or rather brush off rumors claiming that she has been getting intimate with Colonel Mustafa also known as uncle ‘uncle Miss’ from the Nairobi Diaries show.

Uncle Muss with Noti Flow

According to the singer cum rapper, they are just friends who happen to share a similar vision and this is what connects them! Speaking during a recent interview apparently the lady said;

“I’m not smashing Moustapha. He is a good friend and we get along in many ways; we share a vision. Actually, Moustapha has just called me, we are supposed to be having a photo shoot together.”

She went on to add that she is aware that people have been claiming that they are smashing on the low but this does not bother her since she knows her self. She said;

“I know people have been talking about us and the blogs have been busy too, may be that’s what they want to see,”

Do you think she is being sincere? Anyway, we will soon find out as Mustafa has always been one to kiss and tell (oops!).


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