Nairobi men about to become single following court ruling on come-we-stay marriages

Life clearly has no balance at all. Just when many had assumed come we stay marriages are legal – turns out that the government doesnt recognize such agreements since there are no documents supporting this.

So yea – with this new information I can promise you that most Nairobi relationships are currently facing crisis now that the government officially announced it does not recognize such cohibiting agreements.

Well, problem is what the government didnt knpw…or wait alreacy knows is that most kenyans ‘fear’ walking down the aisle…or rather prefer avoiding wedding costs by opting for easy way out….and to avoid the increase of baby daddies and baby mamas – the government wants to see people making commitments and honoring them.

I also cant help but wonder why this new development comes barely 2 weeks after super Gonorrhoea hit the streets….but knowing how Nairobi relationships work – well lets just say the government is tired of dealing with the same marital issues year in, year out. So yea mtajipanga huu mwaka.

Nairobi + commitment = The Streets

Well as much as much the government sees the positive in having serious marriages and commitments – problem is vitu kwa ground ni different.

This is because unlike our parents who had to get married to keep the family’s name proud – kids from this generation are doing things different and prefer finding happiness wherever they can – enjoy for the mean time – then dip when its over…..a strategy that has helped minimize heartaches and GBV….but now looks like everyone has to go back to living in 1950’s because they said so.

Anyway looking at the brighter side….maybe this the year singles will bag themselves husbands and wives…..I mean, the government is really trying to get rid of the streets lifestyle, but will kenyans comply? Actually what i meant was….will kenyan men agree to this after years of pulling si lazima tufanye wedding ndio ujue na kupenda card for years.

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