Nameless’ Daughter Nyakio Leaves Him Hilarious Note After Getting Tired of Waiting for Him to Get Ready for School

Image: Nameless consoles daughter, Nyakio

Veteran musician and architect David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, has shared a hilarious note he received from his 2nd born daughter Nyakio.

In the note, Nyakio expressed her frustration with her father’s slowness in getting ready for school. She wrote, “Hello! By Nyakio, Daddy let us go. I am late!!! I need to go now.”

The note was accompanied by a drawing of a sad face.

Nameless shared the note on his Instagram account, and it quickly went viral. Many people found the note to be funny, and they could relate to Nyakio’s frustration.

Some people commented that they had also received similar notes from their children. Others said that they were impressed by Nyakio’s assertiveness.

Nameless himself found the note to be amusing, and he joked that he was “under pressure” from his daughter. He also said that he was glad that Nyakio loved school.

The note is a reminder that even celebrities are parents, and they have to deal with the same challenges as everyone else. It is also a reminder that children can be very creative and expressive, and they often find unique ways to communicate their feelings.

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