Nameless introduces his gorgeous youthful mum

Image: Nameless

Nameless recently shared a photo of his mother on his Instagram page and his fans cannot believe how young and beautiful she looks. Her Colgate smile has left many praising her perfect white teeth which are still intact as some went to the extent of asking what her secret was.

Though they both have different skin tones, there is no doubt that Nameless got his looks from his mum and yes..he is proud of it!

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This is however not the first time he is parading his mother to his fans but having been a while it felt like the first time. Through the caption he wrote to say,

Taking a walk with mum..? #Shaggzmanenoz

Some fans also mentioned that the lady seems to resemble Nameless and Wahu’s eldest daughter…checkout her photo below and  be the judge.

Nameless and his mum
Nameless and his mum

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