Nameless reacts after seeing popular DJ embracing his wife, who knew he was this protective?

Image: Wahu and Nameless performing

Don’t get it twisted…I am sure we all agree that there is no man who enjoys seeing another man touching his wife. This could also be the reason why Nameless had to leave a comment after Wahu shared a photo hanging out with renown DJ Kym Nickdee who by the way is loved for his amazing mix-tapes.

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Nameless joined the list of fans commenting on Wahu’s pictures as he jokingly wrote to ask NickDee to go slow on his woman as she is somebody’s wife. From the tone used by Nameless, we can see that he did not say it out of spite but just another way to keep things interesting on his wife’s page.

namelesskenyaEh @djkymnickdee… Mshike pole pole… Huyo ni bibi ya wenyewe!! ?????

Wahu and Nameless remain among the most loved couple in the entertainment industry. The love the two share is always seen from the photos they share on their social media pages and this is something many cannot compete with. Anyway checkout the comment he left on his wife’s page.


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