Nameless vs Nick Ndeda: Vasectomy reaction

Image: Singer Nameless born David Mathenge

Nameless has intimated that he is interested in undergoing a vasectomy. He did so via a Facebook post that came off as a joke but anyone who understands humour knows there’s always more than a modicum of truth in jest. The way Kenyans responded was rather surprising, no one called him out for wanting to get snipped unlike what we saw when celebrated cuck, Nick Ndeda revealed he had been snipped.

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At the time of the thespian’s revelation, it came out as he was going through a breakup and divorce from the feminist he had pedestalized and we all congregated to laugh at him for what we assumed was a decision he made to appease his wife. He has since revealed that he chose to have the procedure done on himself without any outside influence but this was something a lot of people still side-eye him about.

Well, what Bout Nameless? Why is his decision different? Frist because we can tell that whether in jest or not, he is the one who came to it independently. Perhaps out of the realisation that he risked siring a fourth, fifth and eventually seventh daughter or perhaps because he realised the health implications this would have on his wife, Wahu. But whatever the reason, he came to it independently.

Nameless, his daughters and the question of legacy

Add to this the fact that his wife hasn’t publicly humiliated him and given us a reason to think this is an outward manifestation of his lack of masculinity. That part I think is the most important aspect of all this. The decision doesn’t seem to be some sort of Freudian slip confirming a long held doubt as to who wore the pants in their household. That was undoubtedly the case with Nick Ndeda.

But the chief reason is the fact that he already has children. Granted, they are all daughter but he has done what he can to secure his legacy and leave his genetic footprint on the earth. His name might eventually be forgotten (unless his daughters and their children marry feminists and other invertebrate men) but he put in the effort to actualise what it is that we as human beings, as an animal and as a species are wired to do.

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Nick Ndeda seems to have given up long before trying. But there might be a psychological reason he has done so. Not many of you know he had a brother named Saliva Vic. And my mentor told me of him and the fact that his dearly departed brother had sired a lot of children out of wedlock. This in and of itself added to the fact that there is a rumour that his father too factored into the decision might be his attempt to balance his familial karma or something that he has convinced himself.


Ultimately, Nameless and Nick Ndeda are two men who have arrived at the same conclusion but through following different paths and while I am not going to cast judgement and say who I think was right or wrong (I don’t think anyone was right or wrong), I do think there is a logical reason as to why people internalised their decision and reacted differently.

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