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‘Namtaka’- Gospel Artist Ringtone Confesses Undying Love For Phoina Tosha (Video)

March 10, 2022 at 13:06
'Namtaka'- Gospel Artist Ringtone Confesses Undying Love For Phoina Tosha (Video)

Controversial gospel musician Ringtone Apoko has come clean about his miserable love life & his willingness to do anything to get businesswoman Phoina Tosha as his lover. In a recent interview, the singer disclosed how he has been struggling to find love over the years. You might remember some years back he went ahead to purchase a luxurious car for Zari in exchange for her love. But all was in vain.

Recently, his fellow gospel musician Justina Syokau confessed her undying love for him and admitted she had been swept off her feet by the chairman.

Ringtone Confesses Love For Phoina

But the chairman of gospel claims his heart is on another person.

Famous for being a make-up guru and the owner of the Phoina Nail Bar and Beauty Parlor, Phoina has caught Ringtone’s attention, and the gospel musician has asked Diana Marua; who is her close friend, to link him to the gorgeous woman.

Bahati warned after Phoina and Diana Marua seen in suggestive video

Phoina Tosha(left) & Diana Marua-Google

He stated this in a recent interview with Diana Bahati.

”Cheza ka wewe. Ita Phoina… Mimi nikipata Phoina, hautawai niona na Placard kwa barabara. Naachana nayo. By the way niko serious… Phoina ni vile hajawai pata chali anamwambia tuende church…”

Despite confessing his love, the gospel musician stated that he’s not a romantic person.

”Mimi ata sijui hiyo romantic. Lakini naomba Mungu anifanye romantic.

Ringtone is yet to be married despite his riches. But will his shot at Phoina hit bull’s eye?

Watch his full interview below;


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