Nana Owiti is proof women should accept cheating men

Image: King Kaka with wife, Nana Owiti and kids

Nana Owiti and King Kaka, formerly known by the lamest name in rap; Rabbit, is living, breathing but more importantly, happy proof that Kenyan women need to accept and forgive their men whenever they stray.

Nana Owiti gets real about the complications of toxic Co-parenting

For those of you who do not know their history, the couple have been together ever since Rabbit was an underground rapper on the come-up. Back when he would hawk his CDs, back when he had no money and was f.ed up and ashy, they were still an item.

Then as Kenya’s economy began to open up, so did the opportunities in Kenya’s entertainment industry. And as a result, money flowed in and talent met marketing prowess and a star was born. And he took Nana Owiti who had faithfully stood by his side along for the ride.

King Kaka And Nana Owiti Celebrate 11th Anniversary

But even as things got better, their union took a hit when it was revealed that not only had King Kaka cheated on Nana Owiti but he had sired a child by fellow artiste, Sage Chemutai.

Nana Owiti with son, prince Iroma and Nanny’s son, Royal

Nana was doubtlessly devastated. How could she have helped this man when he had nothing only for her to be completely betrayed? Well, that isn’t exactly quite how life works. You see, men are designed by nature to be wanderers.

Why we love seeing Nana Owiti’s body transformation

King Kaka is merely living up to his biological imperative but he’s doing so at a time when society has decided to abandon evolution in preference for the shackles of monogamy. Men aren’t wired for those constraints and even the shape of the shaft of our penis is proof of this.

King Kaka and wife, Nana Owiti, with their two children

Besides that, testosterone is essentially a sex hormone and men have 20x the amount of test that women do. As I said, men are wired to have as much sex as they can get away with and are primed to do so in spite of fierce competition and rivalry.


It is how we were designed by God Almighty and God don’t make no mistakes! So now we are left at the juncture where we have to accept that men were designed to stray and they lie to women because of 2 reasons; society has fueled their fears that they will be seen as lesser for enacting this biological imperative and secondly that their wives/ women will leave them.

Nana Owiti

But when we look at Nana Owiti, she is happier now than she has ever been before. True, it is because she eventually managed to castrate her man and he begged for forgiveness and gave her his nads to wear as earrings but it is also ultimately because she knows she won. She won herself a man other women desire, other men want to be like and they are financially secure. Don’t argue with me, argue with the science of it and your mother.

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