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Nandy on why she can’t stand any of her husband’s friends

August 05, 2022 at 15:25
Nandy on why she can’t stand any of her husband’s friends

Singer Nandy recently opened up about her pregnancy journey while on an interview with Millard Ayo and boy it hasn’t been easy for the first time mum.

Singer Nandy

According to Nandy she has had to deal with mood swings, change of appetite and above all – her dislike towards all of her husbands friends. The lass says that for some reason – she now can’t stand the same friends her husband used to hang out with before her pregnancy.

Nandy went on to give an example of how she’d tell most of them off and at some point texts them not to have her man out late. Uhhh not fancy but then again it’s the pregnancy talking right?


Idris Sultan confirms Nandy’s change of attitude

If you think Nandy is joking – then maybe you should have a look at Idris Sultan’s posts. The actor has been complaining about not getting an invite to his best friend’s wedding and now says Nandy blocked him from communicating with other Billnass.

Although I don’t think his case is that serious…what we know is that the comedian was no where to be seen during Nandy’s wedding; but again – we have reason to believe he relocated and is currently living abroad.


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