Nanny explains current situation at Bahati’s house says “Hapa watu hawakuli”

Maybe you voted or maybe you didn’t but all we know is that the 2022 elections are over. So far there are those who have won and others lost – while a few politicians await to learn of their fate….which brings us to Bahati.

Diana Marua and nanny switch roles

Okay, already he has a few people mocking him after his opponent allegedly won the Mathare MP seat, leaving Bahati in the 3rd place. That is what was revealed on social media.

However his defeat comes a few hours after he claimed there was rigging and as far as he knows is that 21 ballot boxes were allegedly tampered with. But again, it’s politics – you have to prepared for anything.

Nanny spilling tea

With everything that has been going on, clearly the Bahati’s have not been having it easy. You can imagine the stress they’ve had awaiting to see whether their father will win or los….and by now they already know.

Diana Marua with nanny, Irene

However  before learning of the results, Irene Nekesa who is the family nanny shared a video showing how people in the house have been behaving.

On the video you can see Diana Marua’s dad somewhere and the kids – but although they’re having breakfast – no one was actually eating. She confirmed this as she captioned the video;

Hapa watu hawakuli tumeongojea matokeo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,tunaomba Amen ????????????????????????.

Well – that was was 2 days ago….you can only imagine how things are at the moment.  Watch the video below.


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