Nasra, divorce can feel devastating but here are 5 tips to help you move on

Breakups are tough nut believe it or not – divorce is worse and I say this judging from what i have personally seen from – my divorced relatives, friends and from celebrities on social media.

So yea, I totally understand that comedian Nasra is currently having rough after parting ways with the love of her Rashid Abdi; who she had exposed for moving on with another woman – shortly after Nasra suffered a miscarriage.

Throwback: Nasra with ex husband, Director Rashid

Okay, having him move on so fast painted Rashid Abdi like the villain and of course – Nasra’s fan base threw stones and sticks at him; but then again – no one is perfect right?

Plus – having not heard Rashid’s side of the story means there is more to the story than what Nasra has been sharing on social media….and until we learn the real story – I have come up with 5 tips to help the new divorcee move on and focus on herself…..just like Rashid is.

Nasra announces breakup

Practice acceptance

You see, when getting married one never thinks ‘we will get divorced someday’ right? But it happens to some couples and whether you like it or not – the moment the other party feels uninterested you cant force them back. So yea, youre allowed to hurt and feel betrayed….but in the end you have to remember is that acceptance is a bridge that leads to peace.

Embrace the many mixed feelings

Youre allowed to feel everything at once. The pain, betrayal, heartbroken and the fact that he never loved you like you wanted.

The moment you tell yourself its okay…or it will be okay – those feelings start to slowly slip off and before you know it – you’ll be happy again. Like I said…embrace them inorder to work on them as time moves on. Remember you owe yourself some happiness!

Cut communication

Nasra on breakup

Okay by now i am sure both Nasra and Rashid have had heated conversations on text and if i am not wrong – even thrown some insults around. It happens, but at this age – its better to cut off communication to protect your peace. I mean, there are no kids involved right? So why deny yourself some peace by ghosting?

Reach out to loved ones

Although relatives sometimes tend to take sides…find one to you can connect with, one that understands your pain – but again remember not to over-share; or paint your ex as an evil being cause mambo huenda yakabadilika (by reconnecting again) and i am sure – you wouldn’t want your family looking at him in a certain way…..simply because you shared too much unnecessary information on him.

Go out

Having Nasra discuss her ex husband online means she’s still cooked up in the house wallowing about the breakup; but again this won’t help. So how about stepping out for coffee? Night out with friends? Call it a short term distruction from reality…but it works.

Reconnect with yourself

There’s no denying that marriages change people and you only realize you’re not the same person you used to be after getting dumped or lose a partner.

So how about some soul searching to help find yourself? What you like, your goals and what you left pending before you found your better half?

I know applying this in your life is harder than we can imagine…but think about it this way……you’re a catch and atleast you tried and didn’t work out. So it’s time to put the same effort on yourself.

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