Natalie Tewa fails at yet another relationship

Image: Natalie Tewa

Creator of lifestyle content Natalie Tewa, who unfollowed her fiancé Francis Mugane, has caused a stir.

This February, Natalie and Mugane announced their engagement. She removed his photos. Additionally, he no longer has any of her photos on Instagram.

Although she removed the February post, she left one in which she was seen wearing the same clothing as friends.

When the 29-year-old blogger and her female friends were on vacation in Mombasa, they replied, “Yes.”

“With kindness in mind, I have some news to share. Natalie wrote, “I said YES,” as the caption for the first picture of her fiance holding her hand following his proposal.

After that, she used US singer India and a block image of him leaning onto his shoulder.

The lyrics to Arie Simpson’s Steady Love Song for a cute time.

“He puts every other man I’ve ever known to shame (known to shame)/ I just wanna be with him, talk to him, sleep near him, walk with him/ Be with him (every day)/ I wanna be lovers and friends and mother his children/ Make breakfast on Sunday and fight and then make up again/ ‘Cause if life’s gonna be crazy anyway/ I wanna do it with him.”

As she revealed further information, Tewa tagged his Instagram account with a close-up of the stunning diamond ring.


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