Natalie Tewa is having the time of her life while Rnaze is still trying to figure things out (Videos)

Hair and Fitness vlogger, Natalie Tewa is living life on the fast lane hardly months after partying ways with longtime boyfriend, Rnaze.

It has just been 3 months since the power couple dropped a breakup bomb on the world, something we are still trying to come to terms with, but she has already moved on.

Being a lover of travel, she is definitely living her best flooding social media with travel vlogs, from across the globe.

Right from Asia to Malaysia to Singapore, she is savoring her moments.

Additionally, looking younger, sexxier and definitely prettier.

And now planning to tour the Europe continent in a month´s time, well, the youthful beauty has it all mapped out.


Meanwhile, her ex, Rnzae is trying to make ends meet with photography gigs and a craze of lot of other stuff.

He is actually missing junky pain.

Unfortunately, looks like the Ugandan photographer has not been able to bounce back on his two feet.

This is since the breakup that might have been a blow on him.



While the couple was still together, they more often than not did local travel, therefore Natalie getting tagged the name ´Local vlogger´.

However, she is now ditching local for International, proving she can still be who she is and better, without a plus one.


Check out her moments abroad.


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