‘Nawapatia 23 hours Mniombee Msamaha’ Willy Paul Reiterates Exposé On Gay Artists

Kenyan musician Willy Paul has taken to social media to threaten to expose gay Kenyan artists in his latest album release. Most people however believe Pozee is bluffing with all this to fetch attention.

According to Willy Paul, there are many local male artists who are having $ex in exchange for money. Willy Paul has threatened to expose them. Additionally, he says that most of them use this strategy as a means of trying to copy his luxurious lifestyle.

Stirring Up A Hornets’ Nest

In his video posted on Instagram, Willy Paul jeopardizes the privacy of such artists by giving them a tight timeline to apologize to him.

”…Wasanii nawapatia 23 hours. Mnajijua wenye mmenikosea. Call me mniombe msamaha. Coz if you don’t, wakenya na dunia mzima watajua tabia yenu ni mbaya… Ati ndio mtoshane na life yangu. Life yangu ni expensive, we all know that. Usishindane na ndovu kunya. Utapasuka msamba na hiyo ndio unatumia kupata pesa…”

It’s only a matter of hours now before we really know if Pozee is true to his words. Such stunts have been recently employed by musicians to give their songs views. Bahati was among the successful ones to pull the stunt successfully. Some like KRG the Don have failed terribly in using such subtle means.

Watch Willy Paul’s video below;


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