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Ndio huyu! Tycoon believed to be sponsoring Amber Ray’s posh lifestyle finally unveiled (Photos)

November 25, 2020 at 11:42
Ndio huyu! Tycoon believed to be sponsoring Amber Ray's posh lifestyle finally unveiled (Photos)

Amber Ray is a darling…actually a mood because this lady has seen and lived it all. Unlike most uptight socialites, Amber lives a freestyle life that entertains no nonsense; and despite being said to be one who seeks witchdoctors help to bag rich men – she remains unbothered.

Even after a photo of her seated at a witchdoctor’s shrine emerged online; the lass quickly came out to reveal that this was from a movie scene. Well Amber it has been more than 2 years now and we still haven’t seen this movie… care to explain?

Anyway away from that, rumor making rounds on social media is that after dumping Mauzo; the socialite allegedly moved on to a certain Tycoon identified as Jimal Rohosafi. Looking at his social media pages, it is no secret that Jamil indeed has the money to keep Amber happy; as well as his other two wives who remain on the low.

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The side chick position

After being dumped by Zaheer, Amber Ray not only became savage but a hustler helping other wives spend their husband’s money.

About a year ago, Amber was said to have snatched Syd; a former musician known for his hit songs Chacha with the late Krupt and Guardian Angel featuring Wyre.

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She allegedly made the fella spend a couple of hundreds of thousands on her birthday in Santorini, Greece; where he took her for her birthday. The relationship however did not last for long as Syd went back to his wife and Amber moved on to the next.

Anyway below are a few photos of the alleged lover warming Amber Ray’s bed.

Amber Ray’s new man

Jimal Rohosafi

Amber Ray’s man


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