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Neomi Ng’ang’a among other female celebrities call out Huddah for her fat shaming statement!

December 05, 2019 at 11:58
Neomi Ng’ang’a among other female celebrities call out Huddah for her fat shaming statement!

Huddah Monroe has found herself in trouble after her recent post where she fat shamed American rapper Lizzo.

Huddah’s post

According to Huddah, today’s society is comfortable with calling petite ladies Skinny but when tables are turned and ‘Phat’ women are called fat then it becomes a big problem.

Through her Instagram page the lady went on to write saying;


“No body-shaming. I know I post a lot of semi-nude photos myself but I don’t think we should promote obesity and say that she is confident. Call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. If you are fat you are fat if you are skinny you are skinny! Stop lying to yourselves,”

She went on to add another post where she went on to say;

“It’s criminal to call people fat but its okay to tell people they are skinny? Fat is unhealthy. So many skinny people are unhealthy too. I’m unfit, as skinny as I am, I call that spade a spade. Ati thick, are you porridge? Lets promote healthy living,”

Neomi Ng’ang’a claps back

On Wednesday 4th, Neomi Ng’ang’a clapped back at the socialite for being quite insensitive with her social media statement.

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DID I HEAR SOMEONE CALL HER ELEPHANT??? ~ ~ ##God knows why we human beings do not have it all. I reckon it's so we can compliment, complete and appreciate each other. None of us is close to perfect. However it is very sad when God gives you a sane mind and opportunities to use your brain wisely for the benefit of yourself and others and you choose to be ourightly silly and thoughtless. Dont you have a more acceptable and civil way of expressing or sharing your opinions without insulting? You claim to empower youth, are you now going to filter by size? Is this your best shot at serving a solution to a problem you seem to have 'elephantised'? #EVERYWOMANISAWOMANPERIOD!! SKINNY OR PHAT ! All women in their own capacity are Magical ..they are strong ..they have beautiful stories! ~ ~ They have broken boundaries!! They have achieved beyond their size!! ~ ~ SHOULD THIS FAT WOMEN STOP BUYING YOUR PRODUCTS??? JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE FAT?? ~ ~ Health is BEYOND SIZE !! You got the attention you clearly are so desperate to get. I hope you are sleeping better at night. Piece of advice !! While promoting your brand try get yourself some basic knowledge…invest in humanity and self awareness. Try be more selfless and remember a wise woman is careful with her words. Mhhm! I guess we all know what that makes you! If you know !! YOU KNOW 🙌🙌 #STOPBODYSHAMING #RESPECTWOMEN #cyberbullyingawarness #teamcurvykenya #plusizeblogger #bodypositivity

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Neomi Ng’ang’a went on to school Huddah reminding her that these same women have been supporting her all through the years – without snubbing her despite her ruined reputation or rather ugly past.

Anyway below are a few screenshots of the female celebrities who wouldn’t hold back from telling off Huddah.


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