“Never ever force a man to be in his child’s life” Pierra Makena takes pride in being a single mum

Despite the curves, gorgeous looks and brains, Pierra Makena ended up becoming a single parent. This is after realizing she was pregnant for the man she had parted ways with back in 2016.

Unfortunately, the guy moved on quite fast and being a good woman – Pierra chose not to disrupt anything her ex had started with his new found love.

He had moved on and dating by the time I discovered that I was pregnant and didn’t want to disrupt what they had just because I was pregnant. He started dating while we were not together so it’s all good.

Pregnant Pierra Makena

4 years as a single parent

Having chosen the path of a single mother, Pierra Makena says this was the best decision ever! According to Pierra, being a single parent has taught her the art hard work and importantance of being independent.

Through her Instagram page, Pierra went on to celebrate her daughter’s 4th birthday saying;

Pierra Makena with daughter, Ricca Pokot

Im soo proud of my years as a single parent than i have ever been in my life.

I thought Raising my child without the father will be disastrous only to realise we just panic and think we can’t do without a man’s help…yet we are capable and strong.
I have become more hardworking…independent and super hero!!

Deadbeat dads

And to women pushing their unwilling exes to be involved in their kids lives, Pierra had the following to say;

If a man does not want to be in his childs life…never ever force him……assume his position and raise the child for him.


The reason for my post you ask…? Coz people have been asking how i make it as a single mum and always happy and killing it… yes its coz i dont believe a man holds the key to my success and happiness. Shit happened we move on……CHEERS TO ALL PARENTS RAISING THEIR CHILDREN …KUDOS!

DJ Pierra with her baby girl, Ricca

And in conclusion Pierra went on to wish her lovely Ricca Pokot a happy 4th birthday saying;


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