Never seen before photo of Krg the Don with ex wife, Linah before the money and fame

Image: Krg with ex wife, Linah and a friend

I’m sure by now you’re all used to seeing KRG the Don balling and rolling around in expensive machines; and living that lavish lifestyle, right?

Krg the don

Well let’s just say that is because he has since made it in life and is now said to be omg the wealthiest musicians in East Africa.

Again, we can’t really say his wealth is from the music he makes; but it’s only fair to say that the music kinda contributes to the money he makes at the end of the day even if it’s only a 1/4 of it.

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

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Throwback Thursday

Anyway today being a Thursday, we finally get to unveil a new photo of Krg with his wifey back in the day before he started making the real money.

Krg with ex wife, Linah

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From the photo shared above, it’s evident to see that Krg the Don back then knew nothing about fashion especially ironing khaki pants; but the watch on his hand says he had some good cash in his account.

His ex wife Linah on the other knew a thing or two about weaves (the long hair) and from her beauty on photo; allow me to say – black don’t crack!

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