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Never Seen Before Photo of Eric Omondi Kissing A Celebrity… And It’s Not His Girlfriend

March 31, 2017 at 10:14
Never Seen Before Photo of Eric Omondi Kissing A Celebrity... And It's Not His Girlfriend

Neomi Ng’ang’a and Eric Omondi are quite good friends. They have worked together on the OLX advert and there friendship did not stop there.

I bet they usually hangout when they happen to meet at the same events and now a new photo of the hanging out has emerged for the first time. Eric Omondi is seen leaning in to peck Neomi Ng’ang’a who pretend’s to be in shock but what caught my atention is one of the comments left by her followers on Instagram.

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Msiharibu ndoa… one wrote but judging from her caption, it is easy to tell that this was not anything serious but a ‘fun’ moment between the two. Neomi Ng’ang’a captioned the photo to say,

@ericomondi though…smh ??!! One of the best people I have worked with on a project. During the @olx_kenya_official promo shoot!! #FBF #OLXKenya

Well, the photo might seen harmless but we don’t know how Ericko’s fiance, Chantel Grazioli will take it. It’s not every girl’s dream to have her man pecking his friend’s even when it means business..But anyway checkout the photo below:

Neomi and Eric Omondi

Neomi and Eric Omondi


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