New footage showing how bouncers roughed the late shanty moments before he died at Naifest emerges! (Video)

Image: Stephen Mungau

Many continue to insist that the late 17 year old Shanty died after receiving some serious beatings from bouncers at the Naifest. However the organizers of the event also insist that this is not true; as they claim that he died while at the hospital where they rushed him after a fight.

Bridget Achieng who also happens to be a mum has been on the front line throwing threats at those accusing her of the death of late Shanty. This is because she was behind the event; and being an organizer her first mistake was allowing minors like the late Shanty attend the ceremony.

Shanty laid to rest

Those close to Shanty continue asking for justice; where else Bridget Achieng and her team work tirelessly to see this case thrown out of court (we all saw the screenshot.)

New evidence

However unluckily for Bridget this will not be disappearing anytime soon as new footage showing bouncers rough up Shanty has emerged online. As seen on the video, a couple of bouncers (like 3) are seen approaching a boy believed to be Shanty. In less that 30 seconds bouncers with well built bodies pounce on the young; and one can see the crowd disperse to make room for the fight between Shanty and bouncers.

Unfortunately it did not take the men a minute to put down the small boy who was later found lying lifeless. Well, lets just say that what seemed like a joke to Bridget Achieng now just got serious! Watch the video below!


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