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New Generation Celebrities Making It Big

December 19, 2022 at 20:55
New Generation Celebrities Making It Big

Each and every country has their own young millionaires; some who have thrived due to their wealthy parents, while some are self-made millionaires at a young age; mostly 20’s.

Here’s a lost of your top 3 favourite Kenyan youngins making money moves.

Thee Pluto

Young and Rich: 5 Kenyan millionaires under 30 years of age - Motivation Africa

Everything about thee Pluto speaks opulence. Besides living in the leafy suburbs of Kilimani, the 24 year old content creator & YouTuber cruises in the latest Prado TX.

Pluto rose to fame through a popular program he dubbed ‘loyalty test’. He traversed various universities and towns to interview young couples. Loyalty test would expose people who were cheating on their partners. The program has ever since earned him a considerable number of followers across all the social media platforms.

Through his popularity, Thee Pluto has been contracted as a brand ambassador.

Moya David

Moya David joins the music industry

Moyah David is a millionaire living his best of life at 20s. He is indisputably so hardworking and a talented dancer.

He came into limelight though Tik Tok videos. He would go to random people, dance for them before gifting them flowers and gifts. His videos warmed the hearts of many and he became an online sensation. He is now among the most followed Tik Toker in Kenya.

Moyah David is now the CEO of Moyah Surprises Limited-A company that is contacted to make surprises to the loved one.

Mungai Eve

Fans weigh in on Eve Mungai's Sh1.5 million YouTube salary - The Standard Entertainment

Eve Mungai is one of the leading Youtubers we have in the 254. She has positioned herself as one of the best content creator with her Youtube channel garnering over half a million subscribers.

The 22 year old rose from getting into slums and telling the stories of their livelihood. It is through her that Manzi wa Kibera, Madocho and other celebrities came into lime light.

Eve Mungai is estimated to be bagging close to 1.5M shilling from her Youtube Channel. She resides in the leafy suburbs of Kileleshwa and cruises a Toyota Crown.




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