New High Court ruling lessens Babu Owino´s bail terms

Image: Babu Owino to cater for DJ Evolve´s medical bill

Tuesday, the 3rd of March, the high court relieved Babu Owino of half his cash bail and challenged his payment of DJ Evolve´s hospital bill as misplaced.

The Embakasi East MP´s wishes had finally come to reality after High Court Judge, Luka Kimaru ruled that the politician should not be forced into paying the DJ´s hospital bill.

According to the judge, payment of the entertainer´s pending bill should be considered a moral obligation and not forced on him by any means.

The accused person should continue paying the hospital bill as a moral duty to him, not as a court order. If he fails to pay, it is up to him and his God.

MP Babu Owino (left) and High Court Judge, Luka Kimaru (right)

Further stating that payment of the hospital bill by the legislator does not in any way imply that he was guilty of the attempted murder charges.

Speaking to, Babu Owino admitted that the hospital bills are not a walk in the park, sharing:

It is a little too much, but I will continue paying the bills.

Babu Owino in the company of his lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, at the Milimani Law Courts

So far, a payment of Ksh 4.4 million has been made according to the bail terms, with a remaining Ksh 600,000 that will see him get remanded until it is cleared.


On the 27th of January, the youthful MP had applied for a cash bail reduction, seeking an alternative bond.

Embattled Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino

In an application filed to the court, Babu revealed that it was proving difficult for him to meet the cash bail terms, being a little too hefty for him.

I have partially compiled with the terms as set out and thus I am out on bail but I know that I thus would also appreciate an and above a reduction of the amounts stated being Ksh 10 Million.

Just to clarify, the Embakasi East lawmaker stated that paying the DJ´s hopital bills, does not in any way mean that he is guilty of the shooting.

Despite the fact that I had voluntarily started assisting the victim in meeting the medical expenses and had pledged to voluntarily continue doing so, at no point was it to depict an admission of guilt as the Court seems to have depicted. Thus, the same should not be used to render high or punitive bail terms.

Babu Owino (right) and shooting victim, DJ Evolve (left)

Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi who had made the earlier court ruling of Ksh 10 Million cash bail, stepped down following objections from DPP Noordin Haji.

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