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New parents in town! DNG and girlfriend welcome their first child (Photos)

August 20, 2021 at 11:02
New parents in town! DNG and girlfriend welcome their first child (Photos)

Whoever knew that one day hype-man DNG would settle down as a family man one day? Well, I guess out of all the hotties DNG has been with; only Fiona James – a wild, fun and attractive young girl is the only one who has managed to help the veteran hype master tame down.

Well, despite all their drama on social media (a year ago) the two love birds have finally been blessed with a bouncing baby; and unlike most celebrities these two have chose to hide their baby’s photos and even gender.

However announcing the good news through their social media pages; the excited new mum, Fiona James went on to share a lengthy post where she wrote;

DNG with girlfriend Fiona James

2021 so far has been an amazing year for me. I am still in disbelief am a mum now wow. First, I wanna thank God. HE blessed me with the most amazing gift ever. HE made my entire journey smooth yaani. My pregnancy was full of love, joy, happiness, peace, good health and positive vibes. Funny thing I miss being pregnant. How I’d easily get away with anything 😂 🙈Carrying a whole human being inside me, feeling every kick and every movement. Miss seeing my stomach move from side to side. I loved hospital visits the ones that involved getting an ultrasound coz I got to see my baby move, kick and also got to hear my baby’s heartbeat. It’s so weird how you fall in-love with someone you’ve never met and they become your entire world.

New mum excitement

From the way Fiona James talks about her new born; it’s easy to see that she must be in love with her newborn and truth is – the feeling never fades away. Sharing her experience with fans, the new mum went on to add;

New parents in town

Despite the fact that I miss being pregnant, what I have right now is way much more… Finally you get to meet this person that you fell in love with. That love doubles up. I love every moment right now. You get to hold, kiss and smell them… am addicted to my little one already. I never thought I’d love someone this much. It’s a different kinda love. May God guide me as I begin this motherhood journey. May HE protect and keep my baby safe, strong and healthy.

To new papa in town

DNG finally a dad!

This being DNG’s first child (at his age) I bet the hype master is back to putting his sleepless nights to work; but this time around their won’t be music but a little human crying all night.

Anyway appreciating her man, Fiona wrote;

To @dngkenya thanks babe for being my side throughout our entire journey. Thanks for being patient during my emotional days. Thanks for always satisfying all my cravings sanasana Red Devil na mutura za Coco Jambo specifically hehe. @lyonsmaidproducts wanafaa kunipea free Red Devils for a whole year 😂😂 Thanks for being amazing babe. We now a family of 3. Am glad am doing this with you. We love you so much. As we start this new journey of parenthood together, may God be with us. May HE guide us and give us wisdom and knowledge to raise our little one. Am so happy as I watch you transition from being my hubby to now a dad. Love it when the two of you sleep together and when you change those dirty diapers. Sasa nataka vacation ingine soon with our new member of our fam😂

And in conclusion;

Also wanna thank my entire family and friends who’ve been by my side from day one. Thanks for always encouraging me and checking up on me.


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