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New stylish shoe collection! Bata launches brand-new shoe line ‘Bata Red Label’ in Kenya

May 25, 2018 at 10:12
New stylish shoe collection! Bata launches brand-new shoe line 'Bata Red Label' in Kenya

Designed in America by the ALDO Group, and inspired by styles seen on the streets of New York and London, ‘Bata Red Label’ was finally landed in Kenya in April.

Kenyan fashion aficionados will be pleased to know Bata is now offering a brand-new shoe line at their retail stores in Nairobi. Bata Red Label is designed and developed jointly between Bata and the Aldo Group.

Red Labels delivers new trends such as floral patterns and bold bright colors to the Bata collection. The collection will have a consistent flow of new products that will be constantly changing.

CMO in town

Bata Chief Marketing Officer Thomas Archer arrived in Nairobi weeks after the launch. During his visit the CMO stressed that the red color chosen to represent the collection is based on the values of the Bata brand and its heritage.

Mr Thomas Archer

Mr Thomas Archer

“Whilst Bata might be trusted and loved, it has not always been on the cutting edge of trends. With Red Label, we want to address a young generation that grew up with us, by giving them want they want – today,” said Thomas Archer.

The Red Label collection will support Bata in connecting a new generation of customers, with a wide array of trends, styles and designs.




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