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Next Time Include Me In Wash Wash Scandal List, I Have Money- Eric Omondi

September 27, 2021 at 11:08
Next Time Include Me In Wash Wash Scandal List, I Have Money- Eric Omondi

The multimillion wash wash scandal business that linked numerous celebrities allegedly  milking huge amounts of cash through unscrupulous means is yet to be forgotten. As a matter of fact, the business has been re-enacted by comedian Terence Creative; who has left netizens nostalgic over the issue that was slowly fading away.

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The exposé was done by none other than popular blogger Edgar Obare; who would later find himself in big trouble over the exposé. His brother was shortly kidnapped and tortured to reveal Edgar’s whereabouts after the exposé. It was needless to say that the wash wash cartels were involved in the obnoxious act; that left Edgar in intense grief and a conspicuous silence spree.

To spell this in black and white, the cartels involved were evidently unhappy over the same; but comedian Eric Omondi feels like he was supposed to be included in the list of the unscrupulous business; since it involved the rich ‘big fish’.

While speaking on Glow With Makena YouTube channel, the comedian stated that he was unhappy after learning he wasn’t included in the list;

”I was so hurt when the list came out and I was not part of it. Siko aje kwa wash wash? Mnanichukua aje? Mnajaribu kusema mi si baller? Ilinihurt sana. So mi naomba hiyo list ingine mniweke at least. Ntakosaje kwa wash wash of all the people…”

The scandal saw Edgar Obare at loggerheads with a few celebrities like Jalang’o; who strongly refuted the claims that linked him to the latter. Eric’s sentiments of wishing to get involved is peculiar and would land him on the wrong ground.


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