Ngumu sana! Anerlisa Muigai shows off hilarious dance moves & we can’t stop watching her shake (Video)

With everyone focused on whether Anerlisa Muigai will pay Ben Kangangi his Ksh 15 Million after he won the defamation case, Keroche heiress on the other hand appears busy doing other things.

So far she has not only flaunted her newly acquired Bentley but is also entertaining fans with her dance moves…okay struggling dance moves which she also went on to show off on her page.

As seen on different videos uploaded to her IG stories, Ms Anerlisa is seen Salsa dancing to a Swahili song. Okay – judging from how she moved back and forth – clearly Aner can’t dance to save her own life!

Happy and contented

Not quite sure why she felt the need to show off her moves…. I mean for years she’s carried herself as a sophisticated classy lady who doesn’t stoop low to commoners ways; but after losing the defamation case, she somehow found herself dancing on social media.

Some of her fans believe that the posts were aimed at proving a point – especially since word has it that auctioneers stormed into her lavingtone home on Wednesday, 18th.

But since they walked with nothing…. I guess the only way Aner could hit back is by dancing just to remind them how unbothered she is. No? Check her out in the videos below.


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